Previous Classes

December 12th – Group Discussion led by Kerri Taylor – Coping With Holiday

October 10th – Dr. Allen Hansen – Is This a Healthy Relationship?

September 19th – Mike Cheney – Abuse and Personalities.

September 12th – Mike Cheney – Communication and Its Personalities continued.

September 5th – Mike Cheney – Communication and Its Personalities continued.

August 29th – Mike Cheney – Communication and Its Personalities continued.

August 22nd – Mike Cheney – Communication and Its Personalities.

August 15th – Heather Woolsey and Susan Mingl – Moving On.

August 8th – Dr. Matt Townsend – Learning How to Drive Your Worries and Succeed in the Race of Life.

August 1st – Sergeant John Jackson – Domestic Violence From a Police Officer’s View.

July 25th – Amy Banks, certified personal trainer – Proper Techniques and Exercises to Reach Your Fitness Goals.

July 18th – Dr. Grant Taylor – How to Overcome Depression.

July 11th – Jenny Johnson, CMAC – Personalizing and Its Effect On Self.

June 27th – Dustin Hardy, attorney, Choice Legal Services – Divorcing an Abusive Personality.

June 20th – Barbara Barrington Jones – A New You.

June 13th – Jewels Olsen, life coach and trainer – Creating a Life With Love and Being Happy in the Journey.

June 6th – Jonathan Sherman, LCSW, licensed therapist – Preventing and Responding to Youth Suicides.

May 30th – Dr. Rita Edmunds – Co-Parenting with a Narcissist or a Sociopath.

May 23rd – Darren Johanson, licensed professional counselor – How to Help Teenagers When Their Parents Are Going Through a Divorce.

May 16th – Lisa McDougal, founder of non-profit foundation LDS Divorce Survivors – 40 Flags of Toxic Relationships.

May 9th – Lisa McDougal, founder of non-profit foundation LDS Divorce Survivors – Healthy Boundaries.

May 2nd – Dr. Adam Moore – How to Help Loved Ones Recover From Addiction.

April 25th – Suzanne Ballard, professional public speaker – Bad Childhood—Good Life.

April 18th – Jennifer Howard, LCSW – Understanding a Narcissist and Trauma Bonding.

April 4th – Dr. Jonathan Swinton, Ph.D. – Should I Have Hope For This Relationship?

March 28th – Kortney Hughes, Provo Police Victim’s Advocate – Resources, Questions, and Answers.

March 21st – Laura H. Cabanilla, attorney and author of A Handbook to Divorce in Utah: A Plain-English Guide to Help You Make Informed Decisions.

March 14th – Kindra Kauer, Ms. Utah – Choose Love Over Fear.

March 7th – Jonathan Sherman, LMFT – Healthy, Happy Relationships—Questions and Answers.

February 21st – Reynnie Sandoval – Achieving Wellness and Understanding Addiction.

January 24th – Rachelle Call & friends – Music and Healing.

January 17th – Garrett Roundy – Trauma Counseling.

January 10th – Taryn Aiken – Suicide Prevention.