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June 18th, 2015

We cannot liberate victims; we can only educate them.  They must liberate themselves.


Watch our video.

We highly recommend reading the book A Light in Dark Places by Jennifer Graves and Emily Clawson. It’s a great example of the cycle of domestic violence. It can be purchased at

A Light in Dark Places


About Us

The ChainBreaker Foundation, a Utah-based, non-profit entity, helps victims stop the generational cycle of abuse through education, guidance and support. The foundation is an all-volunteer organization.

Joan Shippen started a domestic abuse program in 1998 while serving as a volunteer with the police department. Joan was in the process of putting her program into a foundation when she met Kristin Lamb. Kristin had already organized the ChainBreaker Foundation in 2003 as her platform for “Mrs. Utah.” Joan decided to put her program into the already existing foundation. Kristin currently serves on the board.


The ChainBreaker Foundation assists adult victims of all types of abuse–physical, sexual, spiritual, emotional, and verbal.  Our purpose is to provide education, guidance, and support.

To do this, the ChainBreaker Foundation provides free, educational classes every Tuesday night.  These classes are taught by various professionals who volunteer to come speak to us, including therapists, attorneys, physicians, judges, motivational speakers, and authors.  Classes are taught on various subjects.  Any adult, male or female, is welcome to attend.  The material is usually not appropriate for children, however, teenagers often come with their parents.

We also have trained volunteers who guide victims to the resources in the community and through the court system if necessary.  If a victim needs to go to court, volunteers will accompany them so they don’t have to go alone.

Some of our other resources include a library of appropriate books, an opportunity to contribute to the community through humanitarian projects, and free clothing.


If you attend any of the ChainBreaker classes or receive any kind of help from the ChainBreaker Foundation, it will be kept confidential.


Abuse is becoming more and more widespread.  Our goal is to educate victims.  Abuse often becomes a pattern that is passed on from generation to generation.  We hope that by educating victims, it will empower them to make the decisions necessary to get them, and possibly their children, out of abusive situations and to have a better life.  “We cannot liberate victims; we can only educate them.  They must liberate themselves.”

Contact Us

If you have any questions about the ChainBreaker Foundation, please contact Joan Shippen at (801) 234-0742.

For website questions, volunteer inquiries, or general comments and questions, you can send an e-mail to Joan can be reached through e-mail at

For those not concerned about confidentiality, join us on Facebook.


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