Sexual Abuse Stats

“In a study of female adolescent sex offenders, ages 10 to 18 years, approximately 70% of their sexual offenses took place while they were baby-sitting. The average age of the victims was 5.2 years.” (Miss America By Day, pg. 427)

“An adolescent who wishes to engage in sexual experimentation may assume that fondling an infant will do no harm because the infant will not remember what has happened. This is not true. Infants can be traumatized, and they will manifest this through observable changes in their behaviors. Listlessness, prolonged crying, inability to be soothed, a refusal to drink or eat, and a lack of eye contact are classic symptoms of infant trauma.” (Miss America By Day, pg. 427)

“Research educates us that one out of three to four girls and one out of six boys will be sexually violated before the age of eighteen and that the highest percentage, by far, are violated in their homes.” (Miss America By Day, pg. 398)

“85% of childhood sexual abuse occurs in the home.” (Right to Innocence, pg. 99) “Childhood sexual abuse is an inherited disease. It is passed down from generation to generation.” (Right to Innocence, pg. 103)”The estimates are that incest between siblings may be five times more common than paternal incest.” (Miss America By Day, pg. 399)

“At what age do you believe most offenders sexually abuse? When they are 40 years old? 25 years old? The answer is 14 years old. 14-year-olds comprise the largest number of sex offenders of any age group. The modal (most commonly reported) age of the violator was 14 years.”  (Miss America By Day, pg. 399)

“The most frequently reported age when the abuse began was five years old.”  (Miss America By Day, pg. 399)