Education and Employment

  • and offer tips, products, and resources for teaching children and teens about safety.

  • Division of Workforce Services offers employment, medical help, retroactive medical assistance, GED/training workshops, and food stamps. Call (801) 492-4500 in American Fork, (801) 342-2600 in Provo, (801) 794-6600 in Spanish Fork or go to

  • Family of Literacy Center offers tutors for reading and math. Go to

  • L.D.S. Employment Services helps with employment, counseling, housing, food, and clothing. Call (801) 756-6079 in American Fork, (801) 491-7393 in Provo, (801) 798-5566 or go to

  • People Helping People Employment Assistance - Discover new opportunities, evaluate your current job, education and training. 205 North 400 West, Salt Lake City, Utah 84103 (801)583-5300 or 1-855-303-5300. If you don’t want to drive to the Salt Lake Office, you have the option of enrolling in the online program, It provides the same coaching, mentoring and employent workshops, but in an online classroom at

  • Project READ offers adult literacy services for persons sixteen and over (no ESL). Call (801) 852-6654 or go to

  • Turning Point (Center for Personal & Career Development) has classes on life skills, marriage relationships/parenting, academic/career/scholarship. Call (801) 863-7580 or go to

Food, Nutrition, and Shelter

  • Community Action offers emergency food/housing help, commodities, heat program, mortgage counseling, youth & elderly programs. Call (801) 373-8200 or go to

  • Food and Care Coalition serves emergency food three meals a day. They offer free hygiene products for low-income families, shower/laundry, computer lab, emergency shelter aide, and possible dental aide. Call (801) 373-1825 or go to

  • United Way - Dial 211 - this is a nationwide number. Give them your zip code and they can direct you to community resources in your area. Housing, food, medical, dental, mental health, etc.

  • Grocery Smarts is a free, online program where you can print coupons, find sales, and discover ways to save money on groceries. Go to, and enter the passport g84csb.

  • Housing Authority of Utah County provides decent, affordable housing to low-income families. Call (801) 373-8333.

  • Neighborhood Housing Services of Provo provides loans for home improvement and ownership. Call (801) 375-5820.

  • Provo Housing Authority offers subsidized housing for low-income Provo residents. Call (801) 852-7080.

  • Utah County Housing Authority offers Utah County subsidized housing, public housing, and self-sufficiency program. Call (801) 373-8333 or go to

  • WIC has a nutrition program for pregnant, breastfeeding, post-partum women, and infants/children under five. Call 1-877-WIC-KIDS or go to


  • The Chainbreaker Foundation provides free, educational classes on Tuesday nights, free clothing, mentoring, humanitarian service opportunities, and a library. For more information on classes, click on Weekly Classes. The library and service opportunities are also provided at the classes. For mentoring, call Joan at (801) 756-5263.

  • Deseret Industries. Call (801) 373-7920. For locations, go to The ChainBreaker Foundation has D.I. vouchers for those who need it. If you need one, contact Joan at (801) 756-5263.

  • has a section in their classifieds with free items, ranging from furniture to clothing to tools. Go to, click on “Classifieds,” and go to the “Free” section.

  • provides information on improving relationships from Jonathan D. Sherman, LMFT. Go to

  • United Way provides information and referrals to individuals. Call (801) 374-2588 (main line), (801) 374-6400 (information and referral center) or go to

  • Utah Cares connects people with services. Go to

  • is a website done by Patricia Evans, author of many books about verbal abuse. It provides information about verbal abuse, workshops, and resources. Go to

  • The offers resources to women. Go to


  • BYU Law Help provides legal advice and assistance without representation, clinics for immigrants. Call (801) 422-3025.

  • Law Help has a lawyer referral service and general help. Call (801) 531-9077 or go to

  • Utah Legal Services offers free legal services for low-income families. Call 1-800-662-4245 or go to


  • CHIP provides insurance for uninsured children 0-18 years old who do not qualify for Medicaid. This is available only during open enrollment. Call 1-888-222-2542 or go to

  • Community Health Connect helps find community health resources/fill out paperwork. Call (801) 818-3011 or go to

  • Medicaid has a medical assistance program. Call (801) 465-8537 in Payson or (801) 374-7750 in Provo.

  • Mountainlands Community Health Center is a non-profit primary health care system based in Provo. They offer discounts on certain services based on income and family size. Call 801-429-2000, or go to

  • Primary Care Network offers health insurance to eligible low-income adults with children under eighteen. Call 1-888-222-2542 or go to

  • is an organization dedicated to connecting people seeking addiction treatment to the resources they need to succeed. Go to

  • Utah County Health Department offers several clinics. Call *801) 851-7000 or go to

  • Utah Family Health Line provides information regarding available health services. Call 1-800-472-4716 or go to

  • Utah Poison Control Center (UPCC) is a 24-hour resource for poison information and poison prevention. Call 1-800-222-1222 or go to

  • Utah Vaccines for Children (VFC) provides no-cost or low-cost vaccines at all Utah County Health Department locations and numerous doctor’s offices. Call 1-800-275-0659 or go to

  • Volunteer Care Clinic offers free general health care to low-income individuals with no insurance Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5-7 p.m. Call (801) 812-8094.

Mental Health

  • Aspire Academy, taught by Cassandra Casey, offers the Nedley Depression Recovery Program. Call her at (801) 787-2079 or send an e-mail to

  • offers a personal e-learning system for recovering from pornography addiction. Go to

  • Crisis Line (anonymous) helps with depression, abuse, relationships and sex problems, loneliness and financial problems 24 hours a day. Call (801) 226-4433.

  • L.D.S. Family Services offers support groups and counseling. Call (801) 422-7620 in Provo, (801) 216-8000 in American Fork or go to

  • Wasatch Mental Health offers therapy for low-income families. They have a sliding scale. Call (801) 373-4760, (801) 373-7393 (crisis line) or go to

  • provides a 12-step recovery program for addicts of all kinds, including pornography, drugs, and so on. Go to

Neglect and Abuse

  • Center for Women and Children in Crisis offers protected shelter, a 24-hour hotline, rape crisis, women/children domestic violence support groups. Call (801) 377-5500, (801) 356-2511 or 1-888-421-1100 (rape crisis line), or go to

  • Child Help USA has a 24-hour hotline, crisis help for children and adults for treatment and prevention of abuse and neglect. Call 1-800-4-A-CHILD or go to

  • Children’s Justice Center offers therapy referrals/funding for child and family abuse. Call (801) 851-8554 or go to

  • Family Support and Treatment Center has a 24-hour a day abuse prevention/drop-off center for parents and individual and group therapy. Call (801) 229-1181 or go to

  • ISAT Specialized Abuse Treatment Center offers protective services. Call (801) 373-0210.

  • Protective Services (DCFS) offers treatment and referrals for child/adult abuse and neglect. Call (801) 492-3320 in American Fork, (801) 224-7820 in Orem, (801) 374-7257 in Provo, or go to

Parenting and Family

  • Baby Your Baby provides information about pregnancy, labor and delivery, as well as financial assistance and referral. Call 1-800-826-9662 or go to

  • Child Car Seat Program offers classes and low cost toddler car seats (not infants). You must be on Medicaid, WIC, or food stamps. Call (801) 851-7035.

  • Headstart-Mountainland offers income eligible preschool for those three to four years old by September 1st. Call (801) 375-7981.

  • Office of Recovery Services helps recover child support payments. Call (801) 374-7233 or go to

  • Utah Office of Child Care offers day care for work, school, or other training. They have a sliding fee. Call (801) 342-2600 or go to

  • Welcome Baby offers a home-visitation program for first-time parents of infants in English and Spanish. Call (801) 374-8108.

  • Women’s Health.Gov has women’s health information from the Federal Government. Call 1-800-994-WOMAN (9662) or go to


  • UTA Bus is a transportation system. They have reduced fare for the disabled and seniors. Go to

  • Utah Valley Paratransit provides services for the disabled who can’t ride buses. Call (801) 374-9306 or go to


  • R.E.A.C.H. (American Red Cross) offers assistance with emergency heating and public utilities. Call (801) 373-8580 or go to

  • State Energy Office provides information regarding conserving energy. Go to

  • The Weatherization Assistance Program provides free weatherization for those who are income-eligible. Call (801) 373-8333, ext. 101 or go to