Anger Journals

Sometimes we may hesitate to record something in our regular journal because it may not be something we want anyone else to read.  This is one of the reasons an anger journal may be helpful for you.  Anger journals don’t need to be shown to anyone else unless you want to.  You can write freely without worrying about what someone will think.  Anyone who has been abused or is involved currently in an abusive situation understands you can feel a lot of anger.  Whenever you feel angry or upset, you can open your anger journal and write or draw a picture about your anger, and no one ever has to see it.  If you’re worried about someone finding your anger journal you may want to lock it up or keep it at a trusted friend’s house.  Too often, we think of anger as a negative emotion.  It is not a negative emotion, but it can cause negative actions if not dealt with properly.  Instead of bottling up anger, let it out in an anger journal.