Education Classes

These free, educational classes are held Tuesday nights from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. in our building, located at 165 North 1330 West, Suite A-1, Orem, UT. (Go west on Orem Center Street, under the freeway, and take the first right.) Classes are taught by a variety of professionals on many different subjects. Some of these professionals include therapists, attorneys, physicians, judges, motivational speakers, and authors.  Any adult—male or female—is welcome to attend. The material is not usually appropriate for children; however, teenagers often come with their parents

*We’d like to ask that you please refrain from wearing perfume or other scented body products to our classes. We have some women who have allergies and reactions to the odors, and we’d like to have everyone be able to attend class and enjoy it. Thank you.


Previous Classes

December 12th – Group Discussion led by Kerri Taylor – Coping With Holiday

October 10th – Dr. Allen Hansen – Is This a Healthy Relationship?

September 19th – Mike Cheney – Abuse and Personalities.

September 12th – Mike Cheney – Communication and Its Personalities continued.

September 5th – Mike Cheney – Communication and Its Personalities continued.

August 29th – Mike Cheney – Communication and Its Personalities continued.

August 22nd – Mike Cheney – Communication and Its Personalities.

August 15th – Heather Woolsey and Susan Mingl – Moving On.

August 8th – Dr. Matt Townsend – Learning How to Drive Your Worries and Succeed in the Race of Life.

August 1st – Sergeant John Jackson – Domestic Violence From a Police Officer’s View.

July 25th – Amy Banks, certified personal trainer – Proper Techniques and Exercises to Reach Your Fitness Goals.

July 18th – Dr. Grant Taylor – How to Overcome Depression.

July 11th – Jenny Johnson, CMAC – Personalizing and Its Effect On Self.

June 27th – Dustin Hardy, attorney, Choice Legal Services – Divorcing an Abusive Personality.

June 20th – Barbara Barrington Jones – A New You.

June 13th – Jewels Olsen, life coach and trainer – Creating a Life With Love and Being Happy in the Journey.

June 6th – Jonathan Sherman, LCSW, licensed therapist – Preventing and Responding to Youth Suicides.

May 30th – Dr. Rita Edmunds – Co-Parenting with a Narcissist or a Sociopath.

May 23rd – Darren Johanson, licensed professional counselor – How to Help Teenagers When Their Parents Are Going Through a Divorce.

May 16th – Lisa McDougal, founder of non-profit foundation LDS Divorce Survivors – 40 Flags of Toxic Relationships.

May 9th – Lisa McDougal, founder of non-profit foundation LDS Divorce Survivors – Healthy Boundaries.

May 2nd – Dr. Adam Moore – How to Help Loved Ones Recover From Addiction.

April 25th – Suzanne Ballard, professional public speaker – Bad Childhood—Good Life.

April 18th – Jennifer Howard, LCSW – Understanding a Narcissist and Trauma Bonding.

April 4th – Dr. Jonathan Swinton, Ph.D. – Should I Have Hope For This Relationship?

March 28th – Kortney Hughes, Provo Police Victim’s Advocate – Resources, Questions, and Answers.

March 21st – Laura H. Cabanilla, attorney and author of A Handbook to Divorce in Utah: A Plain-English Guide to Help You Make Informed Decisions.

March 14th – Kindra Kauer, Ms. Utah – Choose Love Over Fear.

March 7th – Jonathan Sherman, LMFT – Healthy, Happy Relationships—Questions and Answers.

February 21st – Reynnie Sandoval – Achieving Wellness and Understanding Addiction.

January 24th – Rachelle Call & friends – Music and Healing.

January 17th – Garrett Roundy – Trauma Counseling.

January 10th – Taryn Aiken – Suicide Prevention.